ATO Warns About Scams

The Tax Commissioner has reminded the community to stay alert and be aware of scams this Tax Time, as the ATO tends to report higher incidences of scams at this time of the year.

“With the end of financial year approaching and many people expecting refunds, scammers are using this opportunity to pretend to be from the ATO. It is important that the community stays vigilant as scammers are increasing their efforts to make scams appear more genuine and legitimate.”

So far this year the ATO has received over 5,000 reports from the community about phishing e-mails using the ATO brand, and over 3,000 reports of attempted phone scams.

“Be cautious of phone calls or emails suggesting you are due a refund or asking you to transfer money overseas. The ATO will never ask you to provide credit card details or copies of personal identification such as, drivers licence or passport in an email.”

If taxpayers think they have been the victim of a scam, they should contact the ATO by calling 1800 060 062. Alternatively, suspected email scams can be reported to the ATO by forwarding the email to them.